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  • <strong><font color=Craig Huey" />

    Patrick has been a valuable asset guiding my agency through various digital marketing initiatives, including managing six figure digital ad budgets. We have seen a dramatic increase in leads and sales for our clients. I would highly recommend Patrick for your next digital marketing campaign."

    Craig Huey
    Creative Direct Marketing Group
  • <strong><font color=Dave Hall" />

    We work with Pat and his team at DA14 for our marketing at MotoArt. It was a new concept that Pat introduced us to, and it has quickly given us proven results. It's actually pretty fun and definitely effective.

    Dave Hall
  • <strong><font color=Robert Olivier" />

    I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Patrick on web and mobile app developement for Slooh, including working on the Total Lunar Eclipse Google Doodle event. He has a keen sense of user interface design and flow.

    Robert Olivier
    Freelance Developer / CTO
  • <strong><font color=Tariq Malik" />

    Patrick is a dedicated and driven individual to expand the audience of Slooh through partnerships with various publications like I found that Patrick brought a creative and collaborative spirit to the partnership to ensure that both parties' needs were taken care of.

    Tariq Malik
    Purch / Space