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October 9, 2014
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July 16, 2015

3-2-1-Liftoff. DA14 and LiveLaunch™



Liftoff. DA14 and LiveLaunch™

DA14 Media is pleased to announce LiveLaunch, a business communications launch platform.

Our experience working with Slooh led to an epiphany: Even though the universe is big enough for us to continue to tell its stories everyday, why not tell the stories of individuals whose universe is their company, customers, products, initiatives and innovations?

We’re all subject to the forces in the universe, and intrigued by them, but the ones here on Earth created by you matter more. We want to capture and share your stories. And there is nothing more important than you telling your stories…

“The future…will be owned content. Assets you create that bring your story to life in a way that creates some type of emotional connection with your customers.“ (Cincotta, Entrepreneur.com, 6.15.15)

We agree. You tell your story in a live-streamed interview format while we showcase the digital assets you provide. We maximize the audience. The content produced is yours.

We’re excited to create this window to your world and shed light on the news that will shape our world. Contact us anytime. We would love to hear (and tell) your story.

LiveLaunch™. There’s more to your story.



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