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May 29, 2019
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Push Notifications: Attention-Grabbing Direct Marketing Tool to Warm Up Leads and Increase Overall Response (Integrated Marketing Pt. 5)


If you’re a marketer, push notifications may just be your most powerful new tool in your multichannel, integrated marketing approach.  

Push notifications are the attention-grabbing widgets that appear on the upper right or left corner of your web browser, linking to an external page.

Not unlike notifications you receive on your mobile phone, they’re brief, punchy….and very effective in getting a response and generating new leads. In fact, our clients response rates from push notifications have ranged from 3 – 8%!

The “Birth” of Push Notifications: The iPhone

Push notifications first emerged after Apple launched their own notification system on the iPhone, sending users short messages from different apps that appear on the home screen like a text message.

When marketers realized how effective this strategy was in capturing the attention of otherwise overwhelmed consumers, they applied the same technology to their own sites.

For example, retail sites can send out notifications telling customers about a sale. Or, news sites can send out a notification that alerts readers to an exciting new breaking news point.

The call-to-action is up to you….but it should offer an immediate, enticing benefit.

Powerful Advantages

The advantages of a push notification are two-fold:

#1: A short sales funnel. Prospects only need to follow two easy steps to receive your push notifications: Visit your site and click “allow” when asked if they would like to receive alerts. Once they have clicked “allow” you’ll be able to collect their device ID and start sending them notifications.

#2: Override distraction. Push notifications will appear on your prospects’ web browsers regardless of what page they are visiting. That means no matter what your prospect does, he or she will see your offer and get a chance to respond.

“Next Level” Notifications

You can also take your push notifications to the “next level” by asking people to sign up for them on a sub-page, instead of your homepage.

This allows you to exclusively target hot leads – people who are pushing deeper into your website.

Or, you can use this strategy to retarget people who have abandoned your shopping cart, reminding them to return to your site and finish a purchase.

Push notifications are a powerful tool for lead generation, converting leads to customers, and retargeting shopping cart abandoners.

If you’d like to talk about using this powerful tool in your next marketing campaign, click on the red button below to schedule a call with me.


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