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July 30, 2015
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October 30, 2015

The Live Option

SkyChick Ramona Cox

SkyChick Ramona Cox

SkyChick Ramona Cox

Sometimes video content itself is not enough to capture the engagement your brand needs. One solution is the Live option. Live media regularly outperforms recorded video content. You might ask, “but isn’t live media production a hassle?” or “how does my brand relate to live media?”

Leading into Labor Day weekend the CEO of SkyChick Adventures, a brand associated with off the grid “air camping,” employed our platform to report to her audience from a remote location. In 15 minutes Ramona Cox used a live Q&A format to share the challenges of sand gusts and the importance of gearing up properly. She also incorporated product placement from sponsors like GlobalStar and Honda, partners who are key to her efforts. DA14 Media conducted advance PR and social media campaigns, leading not only to key bloggers in her vertical picking up and syndicating the live stream. Flying Magazine, an industry leading publication, posted the feed live to its audience after covering the upcoming stream with a written piece. On short notice our client positioned her brand into a live event related to her brand, garnered well beyond her target number of views in a branded media player, promoted her sponsor partners and successfully syndicated the event to the audiences of leading publishers, which in turn generated more views and more social sharing. The author of the Flying Magazine written piece emailed “I just thought I would let you know that the piece I wrote about your live show is rated the most popular on our website this week.”

A live media cast gives your audience a reason to connect with your brand and it generates PR. DA14 Media helps you develop and produce Live Stories that amplify your marketing messages, on short notice and with minimal commitment. Bonus: it’s not necessary for a company representative to be present. We make it as easy as inviting your audience to a live event that your brand is sponsoring or to one that is relevant for your brand to associate with, organically. Live interview formats are also effective, introducing an audience to a new product or service. Likewise, sharing a behind the scenes peek of your operations or production.

Contact us today to learn how your brand can capitalize on Live Media Cast, the Live option.

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