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Pitfalls of the Big Idea: A Roadmap to Success (Pt 1)

So, you have a product that you want to sell to the public?  Before dumping all of your cash, time, and resources into your big idea, […]

More Accurate Targeting in a Big Data World: First-Party Data & Data Modeling

A few weeks ago, we explored a new targeting tool – Connected TV ad targeting. Today, we will the importance of first-party data targeting and data […]

The Next Big Thing in TV: Connected TV Ad Targeting Produces Better Results

In Integrated Marketing Pt.3, we talked about how digital marketing hit a new landmark. Today, we’ll focus on a new emerging digital marketing tool that is […]

Push Notifications: Attention-Grabbing Direct Marketing Tool to Warm Up Leads and Increase Overall Response (Integrated Marketing Pt. 5)

If you’re a marketer, push notifications may just be your most powerful new tool in your multichannel, integrated marketing approach.   Push notifications are the attention-grabbing widgets […]

Mobile ID Targeting: Revolutionary Targeting Tool for Increased Response and Profits (Integrated Marketing Pt. 4)

A revolutionary tool has emerged in digital, integrated marketing – mobile ID targeting. This incredible new targeting strategy allows you to gather detailed data about your […]

Digital Marketing Has Just Hit a New Landmark: Here’s What Every Marketer Should Know (Integrated Marketing Pt. 3)

Digital marketing has just hit a new landmark. For the first time in history, marketers are spending more money on digital ads than on print ads, […]

Direct Mail Retargeting: An Underutilized “Power Tool” for Increasing Response (Integrated Marketing Pt. 2)

Many marketers overlook a powerful key that can significantly boost response: direct mail retargeting. Direct mail retargeting is when you send a mailing piece directly to […]

Integrated Marketing: Your Ultimate Strategy to Making a Sale in Advertising Chaos (Pt. 1)

  Every day, your potential customers are hit with literally thousands of advertising offers. The trouble is, most of those offers come off as a disconnected […]

Digital Ad Spend to Surpass TV Ad Spend in 2017

Advertisers Shifting More to Digital According to a recent report by eMarketer, digital ad spend will surpass TV ad spend in 2017. Digital will hit $82 billion […]

What are you worth?

Ever wondered what an Influencer makes on a particular social media channel? I ran across an interesting chart from Capitv8 Data and wanted to share. It’s […]

Live Streaming Companies Positioning for Growth

In a recent article from FinancialBuzz, live streaming is a huge priority for social media companies in 2016. In fact, according another report, global video streaming […]

Digital Marketing Hurdles for Small Business Owners

Recently, GoDaddy teamed up with Alignable to survey more than 100,000 small business owners regarding digital pain points. Small business owners continue to struggle with the […]

Young Adults are Leaving TV

If you’re trying to reach millennials on TV, you may want to rewrite your marketing playbook – young adults, aged 18 – 34, are abandoning traditional TV viewing at […]

Consumers are saying NO to traditional digital advertising

In a recent article by the Wall Street Journal titled “Advertisers Try New Tactics to Break Through Consumers,” consumers are saying NO to traditional forms of […]

Content Marketing Solar System

// Content Marketing Solar SystemInfographic The Content Marketing Solar System by DA14 is a mechanism by which we help clients produce engaging content driving prospects through specific […]

Google Controls 12% of Global Media Spend

According to a recent article by Adweek, Alphabet – Google’s holding company – now controls 12% of all media ad spend, which includes $60 billion in […]

Inbound Marketing Explained

// At the top of the inbound marketing funnel, we want to ATTRACT VISITORS to our digital assets through various content marketing techniques, including blogging, podcasting, keywords, […]

5 Digital Marketing Stats for April 2016

According to a report issued by MarketsandMarkets, the global video streaming market to grow from $30.29 billion this year to $70.05 Billion by 2021. According to […]

Infographic on Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Management

We created an Infographic covering some interesting facts related to content marketing, digital marketing, and social media. We realize that small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with […]

The story of Panda Tian Tian – a video content marketing phenom wrapped in missed opportunities

On Friday, January 23 a ferocious winter storm named “Jonas” hit the East Coast of the United States dumping an enormous amount of snow. Like any […]

The Case (Study) of the Gimli Glider

Like us, you probably didn’t know that the Gimli Glider was a thing. Or that there is even a town named Gimli. But Gimli is where […]

The Case of the Missing Birthday

Last week there was an important birthday that very few people knew about and fewer still would celebrate. So, as the world kept pace around her, […]

A Case for Making a Difference

A few days ago we were fortunate enough to partner with our friends at Tree Musketeers, a youth-led organization changing the world, one tree at a […]

The Live Option

Sometimes video content itself is not enough to capture the engagement your brand needs. One solution is the Live option. Live media regularly outperforms recorded video […]

Are You Social? Be Frequent.

Man and woman stretching in a gym Are You Social? Be Frequent. Reach vs. Frequency. The age old cage match of media planning and the dilemma […]

It’s Your Time to Shine

It’s Your Time to Shine There’s a reason you don’t paint your own house or repair the dishwasher yourself. You want it done right. So you […]

3-2-1-Liftoff. DA14 and LiveLaunch™

Liftoff. DA14 and LiveLaunch™ DA14 Media is pleased to announce LiveLaunch, a business communications launch platform. Our experience working with Slooh led to an epiphany: Even […]

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