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February 1, 2019
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Direct Mail Retargeting: An Underutilized “Power Tool” for Increasing Response (Integrated Marketing Pt. 2)

direct mail retargeting

Many marketers overlook a powerful key that can significantly boost response: direct mail retargeting.

Direct mail retargeting is when you send a mailing piece directly to prospects who have visited your landing page. It’s a key part of your integrated marketing campaign, combining digital elements with mail to boost conversion.

By sending your landing page visitors a follow-up piece in the mail, you gain the following advantages:

  • Give your prospects a second chance to buy from you. Your prospects have already seen your offer. A mailing piece is a powerful second touchpoint that reminds them of your product or service, driving them back to your site. Or, they can respond on your mail order form.
  • Create the appearance of credibility and reach. More than any other kind of marketing material, a mailing piece gives your prospects the impression that you are credible and well-established. Direct mail will also set you apart from your competitors, and helps to position you as a “big name” brand.
  • Significantly increase response. Believe it or not, direct mail gets a higher response than any other kind of marketing material, with a household response rate of 5.1% (compared to 0.6% for email).

How is direct mail retargeting done?

First, you’ll tag and identify landing page visitors with a special pixel, installed on your site.

Then, you’ll match these visitors to a physical address, where you’ll mail a special follow-up piece.

Your follow-up piece should be personalized to the recipient (“Dear [first name]”) and include language that acknowledges they have already seen your offer (“Liked what you saw?”).

The format of your mailing piece can vary. You may want to send a more traditional direct mail package with an envelope and letter. Or, you may want to send prospects a box packed with “freebies” in addition to your print piece.

At BlueStorm, we use a proprietary technology to identify your landing page visitors, then match them up with addresses to help you effectively retarget them with mailing pieces. If you’re interested, click the red button at the bottom righthand corner to schedule a call with me.

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