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A revolutionary tool has emerged in digital, integrated marketing – mobile ID targeting.

This incredible new targeting strategy allows you to gather detailed data about your potential customers like never before.

Let me explain:

Gathering data to strategically target prospects is nothing new. Cookies – which have been around since the 90’s – pick up on web-browsing habits such as search history or past purchases in order to target them later with similar offers.

But mobile ID targeting changes the game by allowing you to track prospects with their mobile ID’s – picking up on their actual, geographic locations at present and in the past.

This is achieved by drawing a virtual “electronic fence” –  otherwise known as a Geofence – around specific locations. When device-carrying prospects cross this fence, you can gather data about their exact location in real time (Of course, the devices must have their location services turned on in order to geotarget them.)

These locations might include a Crate & Barrel … a 3-day conference on politics … a medical clinic …. a gym …really, anywhere your prospect goes.

Once  the ID’s are collected, they can be uploaded into various digital platforms – such as Facebook. Then, you can and deliver prospects highly targeted ads, based on this new valuable information

You can also cross reference the mobile ID’s of your prospects against other databases, such as postal addresses or email addresses. This gives you the opportunity to dig deeper and potentially mail and email your prospects. For instance, as a part of your multichannel strategy, you can deliver highly targeted ads online, in the mail and through email – all from tracking a mobile device!  

The Benefits of Mobile ID Targeting

The advantage of this laser-specific geofencing strategy is two-fold:

  • First, you can gather critical data about the offline habits of your prospects. After all, while more and more consumers are shopping online, brick-and-mortar stores still remain the preferred choice for many kinds of products, such as groceries. Furthermore, marketers can target specific events that their target market. Mobile ID targeting will help you to hone in on all kinds of purchasing habits of your prospects, giving you a clearer, more strategic picture of your potential customers.
  • Second, you can use this valuable data for timing your advertising push. For example, if you’re a political candidate, you can target potential voters who have just left a political conference. Reaching them when they are primed to most likely think about their voting decision is the ideal point in time to persuade them with your message.

Mobile ID targeting could become one of your most powerful advertising tools in your multichannel, integrated campaign.

It’s the next level of targeted marketing in the age of the iPhone. It opens the way for you to gather critical data about your prospects that you can also use for direct mail and email campaigns.

And, your prospects receive offers that are even better suited to their purchasing needs and habits.

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